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Kosher Certification

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What is kosher?

The word kosher refers to food that has been ritually prepared according to Biblical and Rabbinical standards.  It comes from the Hebrew word kasher, meaning "connected (to God)" and became common in English in the mid-19th Century. In the mid-1920's, the word took on a more general meaning, used to refer to anything that was acceptable.

With its roots in the Hebrew Bible, the system of defining which foods are kosher was developed by the rabbis of early antiquity. Its application to changing realities, such as industrial and technological advances, has been the work of subsequent generations including our own.

Today, kosher is a prerequisite for food consumption by a large part of the Jewish community, but also a desired certification for millions of non-Jewish consumers in the USA, Russia, Poland and others.

All food and production procedures permissible by kosher food laws can obtain kosher certification, after succeeding in an assessment procedure held by a recognized kosher agency. This procedure focuses on the ingredients used and the production facilities in which those products are being produced


Who is Balkan Kosher?

BΚ is a kosher agency active in the area of the Balkans since 2009 and is today the largest kosher certification body in that area. BK provides consultation, supervision and certification to food producers as well as to professionals in tourism who want to take part in the rapidly growing kosher market.

With HQ in Miami, USA and offices in Greece, Israel and Albania and permanent presence of Rabbis in the Balkan Countries, BK effectively covers the needs for certification in Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, Cyprus, Serbia, Croatia, North Macedonia, Kosovo and Montenegro.

BK has also developed relations and cooperation with esteemed kosher agencies in USA, Israel, South Africa and Russia in order to provide to its customers the recognition needed to promote their products in those countries. Important is to note that nowadays many products of BK clients are positioned in the shelfs of large retailers in the USA, and bear the BK label, which was also recently redesigned to be simple and recognizable.

Having Rabbi Yoel Kaplan as Certifying Rabbi of Balkan Kosher creates an added value. Rabbi Kaplan is Director of the CHABAD Center of Thessaloniki (Salonika). This provides a unique opportunity to connect with more than 3500 similar CHABAD Centers and their rabbis around the globe. 


Major figures regarding Balkan Kosher:


Some of our clients in the area:




More information on kosher and the requirements you will find in the document "What is Kosher" and in our brochure on kosher certification

Download from here the application for an offer   please fulfill it and send it to (needs to be in english)

See on our channel in youtube speeches in conferences delivered by Mr Vassaras regarding the issues of halal and kosher certifications and other interesting content.


Contact us 

For more information, please contact Greekexports, BK's official partner for South East Europe with office in Thessaloniki, Greece:

T. +30 2310 474115



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