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Penetrating foreign markets and assisting companies to grow their exports, is our core business.

We know that setting up the exports department as well as the procedures needed to succeed in today’s highly competitive environment,is not an easy game. Many capabilities and resources are needed and there is always a high risk of jeopardizing success, by making the wrong decisions. Our edge is that we stand by the company and coordinate all efforts, to assure that its exports strategy and implementation, is on solid ground.

Important role plays the staff of Greekexports, not only scientifically confident and professionally experienced in managing the development of new markets for its clients, but also using modern exports methods in conventional and e-commerce features.

In order to adopt to the needs of our clientele, we have designed specific export services, ranging from ad-hoc services to continuous exports coaching.


To abstract the main points of our services:

* EXPORT COACHING schemes for up to 12months (all sectors)

* MARKET CAMPAIGN schemes to find the right partners (all sectors)

* HALAL CERTIFICATION (food, cosmetics, hotel) as a passport to export to Muslim clients

* KOSHER CERTIFICATION (food, cosmetics, hotel) as a passport to export to Jewish clients

* PARTICIPATION in Fi Global Events (like Fi, Ni & Hi) for food ingredients sector

* PARTICIPATION in OIC Halal Expo in Turkey (the leading Halal Expo in Europe)

* REGISTRATION in, our halal products promoting portal


In the direction of offering specialized services, we have create strategic business relations with important international players in their field of expertise, and we are proud to present our International Business Partners:


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