Halal Certification

What does halal mean?

The Arabic word Halal relates to everything which is allowed and permissible according to Islamic Jurisprudence; on the contrary, Haram correlates to everything which is unlawful and forbidden.

Consequently, pork, blood, alcohol, meat from animals that have not been slaughtered properly and other products that are not permissible are considered Haram.

Halal foods are those which comply to the Islamic dietary and purity requirements and do not contain any forbidden substances.


The benefits of halal certification

A Halal certification will provide you with a competitive edge when competing in the local and global halal market.

Many Islamic countries have made Halal certification a mandatory requirement for imports of raw materials and finished products.

Elsewhere, it is a useful marketing tool and our HCS-logo is a unique selling proposition for an increasing number of consumers who place a great emphasis on buying Halal products.

The market for products labeled Halal is currently worth more than 3 trillion dollars. The growing population of people of the Islamic faith, and increasing economic development in many of the countries with large Muslim populations, will only serve to increase this market in size and potential.

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HCS offers trust, experience, and Swiss quality

Based in Switzerland, Halal Certification Services is an experienced, respected and recognized Halal certification company, with more than 27 years of experience in providing halal certifications for the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and personal care products worldwide. HCS also offers solutions for halal compliant hotels, restaurants and financial services.

 HCS is a member of the World Halal Food Council, a confederation of worldwide leading halal certification bodies, and has official recognition from renowned bodies such as MUI Indonesia, JAKIM Malaysia and MUIS Singapore.

 HCS is among the oldest Halal certification bodies, and serves as focal point for public authorities, associations, corporate clients and academic institutions.

 Our quality seal and inspection certificates guarantee a professional and reliable certification of high quality. Our team consisting of food engineers, scientists, legal and religious experts work closely together during the process enabling us to vouch for 100% halal conformity.




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