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Halal Certification for exports to the Gulf Area

HAQ Greece isopening the path for your exports to the Gulf Area  

In order to facilitate your exports to U.A.E. and the Gulf area in general, HAQ Greece has obtained the accreditation from Emirates International Accreditation Center and received the certificate nr HB-CB-063. In fact, it covers also the cases of slaughterhouses wanting to export to the Gulf area, thus being the only Halal Certification Body in the Balkans that can provide you with this level of certification.


Especially for the markets of UAE, S.Arabia and the other countries of the Gulf area, there are special conditions required to export your products as well as to label them as halal  - please ask us so that we can inform you and guide you accordingly to find the best solution. 



Download the application for a price request according to your specific establishment:

Please fulfill and submid the application and send it to to receive HAQ's official offer.


Contact us

For more information, you may contact GREEKEXPORTS, Straitsa 2, Thermi 57001, Thessaloniki, Greece . T.+30 2310 474115 or via

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