Kosher Certification

Certification from  Balkan Kosher with office in Thessaloniki.


Balkan Kosher is the leader in strengthening Kosher output in the Balkan region and in facilitating availability of Kosher Balkan products throughout the world.  From our offices in Thessaloniki and Tirana, we are easily available throughout Greece, Albania, the Balkan states and all the countries of former Yugoslavia. With offices in Israel and the USA, and agreements with other Kosher organizations in both countries, we are able to help facilitate international commerce.

One of the goals of Balkan Kosher is to support the local economy by opening opportunities for Greek and Balkan exports to Israel, the USA, to Europe, Asia and more.  To this end, both Rabbi Kaplan (Chief Rabbi ) and Rabbi Finman (Operations Manager) travel the world to provide business opportunities for companies in the Balkan food industry and to bring much needed kosher ingredients to Greece and the Balkans.

Clients are mainly food manufacturers seeking to expand into the Kosher market place and hotels that cater Jewish events and tourists as well as to consumers that rely upon the high standards of kosher certification for Halal and other dietary needs.

Balkan Kosher logo has recognition in many different target markets and can be used in either Hebrew or English languages, depending on the destination markets and the client’s request. Specifically for exports to Israel, Balkan Kosher cooperates with an Israeli kosher agency to facilitate your need for unconditional access to the Israeli kosher market, according to the procedures set by Chief Rabbinate of Israel.

Download the "What is Kosher" pdf file to obtain more information on kosher and its requirements
Download from here the application to receive an offer for your kosher certification and send it completed to exports@greekexports.org
For more information please contact us in exports@greekexports.org or +30 2310 474115.
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