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International V-Label Awards

We’re excited to share with you that V-Label is launching the International V-Label Awards.

V-Label aims to celebrate and promote the many innovative ways in which businesses are able to contribute to a rich and diverse range of plant-based products, and to recognize companies that are making a difference within their communities as well as from the perspective of global sustainability. With this award scheme, V-Label expects to raise awareness in the mainstream media of the progress and growth of the plant-based industry and sustainable business practices, encouraging more organizations to enter the plant-based sector and make a positive impact in the plant-based industry. 

“We are currently experiencing an unprecedented change in the food industry: instead of growing plant-based foods to feed animals, more products are being developed for direct human consumption without unnecessary animal slaughter,” says Renato Pichler, CEO of V-Label GmbH. “This shortens the food chain and has many advantages. It conserves natural resources, causes less animal suffering, and is even healthier.”

About the contest

The V-Label Awards launched on 10th of May 2021 and there are 9 different award categories, including product categories such as best meat alternative or best dairy alternative, as well as categories that aim to promote responsible business practices, such as sustainability, innovation, and positive impact.  If you are interested in entering the V-Label International Awards and you are not a V-Label’s customer, you have the chance to participate in the innovation category which it will be open to any company offering vegan products.

V-Label is encouraging participation, so the entrance is free. The goal is to receive the best stories from the industry and inspire more companies to follow along.

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The jury panel will consist of senior leaders from the industry, media, and NGOs. Consumers will be also able to express their opinion and a special award voted on by a panel of well-known influencers.

The awards will be open for entries until the 31st of July 2021, and the finalists will be announced in October 2021. Winners will be announced during the virtual awards ceremony in November 2021. 

Finalists and winners of the International V-Label Awards will enjoy many benefits as they will be able to communicate their success with a special logo designed for the occasion and will be actively promoted through V-Label’s own channels and through its partners’ channels. Additionally, winners will receive a one-year V-Label license free of charge, a media package to share their success, trophies, and cash to support charities of their choice. 

You can submit your entry until July 31 on the event’s website explaining why and how you meet the requirements of each category.

We at Greekexports, as the official provider of the V-Label in Greece, Cyprus, North Macedonia, and Kosovo, are proud to be part of this exciting celebration of plant-based products and look forward to receiving your participation in the awards and seeing your products take the first place!

Don’t miss the chance to be recognized!

Further information can be found on the official V-Label’s website:

About V-Label

V-Label is the world's leading vegan & vegetarian trademark present in 50 countries, mainly in the foods and cosmetics sector. An internationally recognized sign registered back in 1996 has currently approximately 3000 producers that offer more than 40,000 products that are labeled with its vegan or vegetarian sign.


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