Halal & Kosher Conference in Bulgaria


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The aim of this conference is to provide with information on:

  1. All developments (business, legislation) on issues related to religious certification
  2. The existing tools for exploiting the export possibilities in uprising kosher and halal markets.

Interested companies:  

Who should attend:

The participants will get a basic knowledge on the theory of both religious certifications, the issues regarding their practical implementations and the opportunities that come from the rapidly expanding markets of both halal and kosher.

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Mr Thomas Vassaras MBA

CEO, GREEKEXPORTS - Exports Consultants


The business of halal food and kosher food and their expansion worldwide. Where are the markets and why are they so appealing?

Mr Farhan Tufail

CEO, Halal Certification Services GmbH


Halal Food: Basic requirements and market opportunities

Rabbi Yisroel Finman

Operations Manager, Balkan Kosher 

(United States of America) 

How To Kosher Certify Your Company

Dr Taxiarchoula Magra

CEO, Aliment Halal Lab


Laboratory tests needed to conclude the absence of substances not allowed in halal food.



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